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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bird-Day #4

     Round these here parts, we consider Tango's hatching day to be November 27th. This would make yesterday Tango's fourth birthday.

     He got to eat dinner with Daddy last night, and many things were revealed- mainly that I have been feeding him completely wrong for the last four years. He looked up at me with huge eyes that said "WOW! You finally managed to feed me the Potatoes Au Gratin that my kind eats in the wild! Thank you! This is even better than the Yam from yesterday!"

     In honor of that- here are some more of my Little Known Fictitious Facts.

  •      Gold Capped Conures in the wild weave platforms out of branches that they can stand on and watch around them. What I call Cappy's "Drawbridge" serves this purpose here. 
  •      The Wild range of Green Cheeked Conures is plentiful with naturally-occurring potatoes au gratin, multicolored round gourds with rattling metal seeds inside to chase and springs of gatorade to drink from. 
  •      The deadly Black Ceramic Heater Asp is a terrible predator that Gold Capped Conures are incredibly watchful of. 
  •      Sam will be blamed if I put something resembling this predator in the room, because Cappy loves me, so clearly I had to have been pushed into it. (this is actually a fact-he gave Sam the stink-eye all evening)
  •      Under the Special Laws that govern the behavior of Gold Capped Conures, no matter what doors you open for them first thing in the morning they can only exit the cage via the food cup door. (Conure regulation 547a subparagraph 12/j)

This Plastic ball resembles the Wild Jingle-Gourd

the Drawbridge of Sir Cappy

the Black Ceramic Heater Asp is the most venemous variety
    And here is a shot from archery Wednesday- I had fun

Protecting the world from the Foam Zombie Hoard

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