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Monday, November 16, 2015

If It's Monday, I Must Still be Amazed...

....After Seeing The Bloggess  on Wednesday, at Tattered Cover

     My sister went with me, we had Pizza and Salad beforehand and then settled in to see the signing.
Jenny Lawson read two chapters and went to Q&A, and then we waited patiently for Two-Hundred, Twenty-Nine other people to get their books signed.

     I love book signings- I have fond memories of Douglas Adams, Bruce Campbell, and Scott Sigler, all at various times and years at the Tattered Cover.

     In Person, The Bloggess is frank, fun and gives the definite impression that she just loves the fact that you came. She is extremely open about her anxiety, her depression and her health issues and I really appreciated seeing her in person. Reading her work was part of what gave me the courage to face some of my own mental angels and demons. I loved the fact that she was thrilled that my copy of her first book was a "rescue". She pointed out that my leaving the price tag on it was "just part of the book's story" and even told a story of someone bringing in an autographed copy from 1/2 price books, autographed to someone else.

     I Bought my Copy of Furiously Happy at Target a couple of months ago, planning to take that to Tattered Cover with me. And then I found out that you could not be guaranteed a signing unless you bought a book and ticket at TC- so I ventured out, Sunday morning and bought a second copy- after I found out that tickets were selling big. Ergo, my place #230 in line.

     This was my sister's first ever book-signing, and my extra copy of Furiously Happy was autographed to her, for all she does for me and everyone else in my family. I am happy she had a good time. 

She took this selfie of me and the Rory Stand-up

Likewise it was her hand on the shutter in this one

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