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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Pop Culture League Challenge: Cast your Ballot!

     A timely topic from

     In a year when...lets face it, the presidential race became election 2016: the reality TV show, an election for pop culture president seems a little on the nose. Some want to just vote them all off the island and start over fresh. Flip the board over and switch to checkers, or possibly backgammon.

     Robert Anson Heinlein considered the vote to be a sacred responsibility. In his novel Starship Troopers(the novel, not the schlock Sci-Fi splashfest movie) He envisioned the vote as a responsibility given only to those who had served in the country's military. Heinlein was one on my early literary influences, and continues to be a valid read to this day for me.

     Ordinarily I don't touch politics with an eleven foot pole. I keep it away from my blog, and try to keep my blog light and fun. I would be keeping the policy if so much of our culture weren't being twisted by the process this year. There are very few topics so divisive that they can tear a family in half, but Politics is in the top three, along with religion and dancing with the stars. And that's just an ordinary year. This year, people are desperate, and desperate decisions are dangerous ones. Those decisions can lead scared citizens to trust people who they ordinarily would never trust. Our main choices are a lady decried as corrupt or an orange-tinted malignant narcissist.

     That country would be served best by a strong veteran, who fought for peace. A man of vision, of intelligence, of great strategy, and incredible moral fiber. Someone Strong and Brave and Here to save the American Way

He is the Star Spangled Man with the Plan
And his nomination for VP
     We know his cabinet would be Mighty. We already know who is up for secretary of defense...

     To Homage Yakov Smirnoff, "In Steve Rogers administration, Cabinet protect secret service!"

     You are probably surprised I didn't default to Optimus Prime, but while his Alt-mode may be all-american, his birth is Cybertronian. And I think Clark Kent would make the birther movement go crazy.

     In these troubled times, we don't need media personalities manipulating the fears and doubts of good people and true. We need people who stand for all Americans. People we can trust all the way. We need real American heroes, people who got where they are without being dirty, who pulled themselves up and pulled up others along with them. People as enduring as Old Glory

     I wish we had them outside of our favorite fiction.

UPDATE: I may vote for the cat. 

Here are the thoughts of some of my fellows in the league


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  1. Captain America? That traitor? ;) I am just kidding as I like to think of the real Cap when I think of him and not the take currently in comics. However;

    Vote for a true hero that will truly help you and not secretly be working for HYDRA! Vote for the Spider! This message was approved and paid for by Spider-Man!