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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trumped up America

     So the election results are in, and unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Donald Trump has been elected the 45th president of  the United States of America.

     The Popular vote was close, the Electoral one less so, but not a landslide. We don't know what Donald Trump's America looks like, but a lot of people are afraid of the worst. I fear it will not be as kind a nation as I want, or feel we deserve. A lot of people feel that we have given in to fearmongering and paranoia

     I was surprised to find that I line up with him on a lot of issues.

  • Second Amendment-Trump believes in support of the right to keep and bear arms. I also believe in this. I have my bows, my swords, and an understanding that guns are not the issue. Take away guns, and people will find something else to kill with. The problem is education, respect for your self defense and respect for the rights of others. 
  • Health Care- Trump believes that every American deserves quality health care, as do I. he is vague on the how, as he is on many of his "good plans"
  • Taxes- Trump doesn't believe he should pay taxes because he knows the system. I don't think I should pay taxes either. Mainly because I would like more money in pocket.
      The big one tho- Marriage, I had a discussion with Sam on. I told her that Trump believes that marriage should be between a man and a supermodel or beauty contestant. I told her I can get behind that, and where do I sign up?

     Sam: "So are we going to send away for a Russian bride for you? You can get them with MBAs now"
     Me: "Can I get her for a bowl of borscht?"
     Sam: "No, they cost more than that. now."
     Me: "Damn this Trump Economy! Our basic needs, like clean affordable immigrant brides are not being met now!"

     Bottom line- whoever you are, whoever you voted for, keep a steady and fearless eye on the future. I think both of the main partys have lost touch with the wants of the American people, and maybe this will help them get back in touch, or open the door for something new, something better. Political stuff over for the moment, and back to toys and birds soon. 


  1. as scary as it may seem I think America needs a larger then life non politician type to shake things up and get some real change happening .Back in the we had these out there characters as president like Teddy Roosevelt.

  2. As much as some of the things Trump says bug me,we needed change.Trump might be the kick in the ass this country needs.He won't pander to either party I think ,as he Is more of an independent imo.In the end,what he was able to pull off was pretty historical and one for the record books.