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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Sifting Through a Few Bugs

     Way back in January of 2015 I posted this

     At the time, I kind of despaired of ever getting a matching set of Insecticons from Hasbro. Because we had Shrapnel, Legends sized, and FOC Kickback, Deluxe sized

     Shrapnel(or Skrapnel) came out in May 2014, and that looked like it was going to be it

     And then Bombshell came out, in Dec 2014( I didn't find him in store for a month or so after that) and made me cautiously hopeful. He upped the muted colors of Shrapnel to a much more dynamic tone and was a really fun, but simple transform. his engineering was solid in both modes.

     And together on my shelf, these two legends class figures cried out for justice, and they cried out for their third partner.

     The insecticons called out for aid.

     And Hasbro answered

     Now the Insecticons are united in my collection, here to gobble up all the energon!

Thanks to our good friends at The Chosen Prime for getting this wave in- Wavemates Bumblebee and Gnaw will show up here at the appropriate time


  1. Nice!I loved the cartoon episode where they first appeared.Their voices were so damn cool!

  2. Im going to need to find this kickback. I dont keep up with all the transformers that come out these days so this one is news to me.