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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Been Super Lazy

     I have been reading Blog posts, not writing them. I have found many Wonderful writers through the League Of Extraordinary Bloggers, and I have just been enjoying their wit and wisdom.

     So here are some of my Favorites(in no particular order)
  1. 3B's Toy Hive
  2. Action Figure Blues
  3. Green Plastic Squirt Gun
  4. The Man Who Stares At Toys
  5. ShezCrafti
  6. UnderScoopFire

I'll be back to writing soon, I have pictures to take and edit- in the meantime, enjoy what I have been enjoying


  1. I too have been enjoying the random thoughts from your media horde--though I'm still trying to figure out that primordial badger part... :)

  2. I was going with "honeybadger" after a discussion of pet names with my SO- and then she suggested "Primordial Badger"