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Friday, September 14, 2012

Evil Genius

    If I ever find that I need to become a Supervillain or a Mad Scientist, I believe the name I would chose is Dr. Conuresleeve. Tango helped me come up with this name, and I'll bet you can imagine how.

   I just experienced him climbing up my t-shirt sleeve, across my right shoulder-blade (making me, for that interval, more hunchbacked assistant than mad scientist) and then up through the neckhole of the t-shirt.

     I tried to get pictures but he moves around more than a pack of spider monkeys on Espresso. He has this whole Migratory cycle that takes place in just a few minutes of time. Apparently he thinks birds who move seasonally are slackers.

However, this crude diagram should give some idea

now I just need a Rube Golbergian plot for World Domination and maybe an Archnemesis
on a different but related note

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