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Friday, August 17, 2012

A Vampire, A Werewolf and A Ghost...

     ...Live in an apartment together, and this is not an early Hallowe'en Joke. It's called Being Human, and forgive me if I am the last guy on the planet to find this series. it's on the SyFy Channel, I've been watching it on Hulu in my free time, and it's an interesting series. I've managed to catch about 3 episodes, enough to get the flavor of the characters.

     This is an American version of a British series of the same name, and I would like to see some episodes of the British version. It is supposed to be comedy/horror fusion, and the producers are very clear that they want to US series to develop down a different path

     That being said, it's an enjoyable watch, with roommate drama/comedy and occasional moments of shock and horror, often followed by a moment of shock humor as well. Of note, the ghost lore on the show seems to follow somewhat the same path as what they use on Supernatural, with salt trapping a ghost, and Iron temporarily dissipating one. not sure what kills a vampire or a werewolf yet, although a staking is mentioned at one point


  1. I've a small part in one of the third season (BBC) episodes.

  2. I'll have to hunt down somewhere I can watch the UK series- finished what episodes Hulu had on the US version

  3. The show makes more sense as a comedy than a serious drama. I'd watch the BBC episodes. Hmmm. . . yet another reason for Netflix.

    But, damn, I'd have to share the account. *Sigh*