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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wife Humor: Even with a Map You're . . .

     Primordial Badger was in a mood to blame this morning.  My big infraction?  I brought the trash cans in.  In order for him to leave the apartment he had to pass right by them.  But according to PB he got outside and they weren't there!  He looked down the street, but no.  They hadn't rolled away!  He looked to the trees to see if it was windy - maybe windy enough to roll them into the park.  Nope.  No wind!
     After his complaint I said, "Life works better if you leave your head sometimes and look around.  You won't be so lost."
     Conversation continues in another direction.  A minute or so later PB said, "I'm not lost."
     I said, "Oh?  You have a map?"
     "A treasure map?"
     "Yes!  I have a treasure map!"  He's obviously thrilled with this idea.  He turns his back on me and is hurrying into the office to make a post on this.
     That's when it slipped out.  My little wife-humor* comment:  "Even with the big "You are here 'X'" you'd still be lost."
     PB whipped around.  "What?  What did you say?"
     I said, "You know there's always something to look at."  (Or something like that.)  I don't think he believed me.  But he was still overjoyed with his treasure map win.  I didn't have the heart to tell him this conversation was going in a post.

(*Wife humor = ninja snark.  We wives are so very good at it.)


  1. She's Ninja Wife all the way across the board. she can disappear in a store in a heartbeat or less

  2. I have a treasure map, but my compass doesn't point north