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Friday, August 31, 2012

Something Pithy This Way Comes

I wanted to put in a post with much pith.  Something erudite and philosophical.  But let's be real, shall we?  I'm not that learned.  And all these $40.00 words(*) are a lot like taking a trip to Paris to eat at Burger King.  What's the point?

Primordial Badger's Media Hoard has, sometime this last week, racked up an impressive 2k in views in a very short time.  It's just over a month old - I think 1 month and 1-1/2 weeks.  And I couldn't be more proud of P.B. in figuring this whole blogging thing out.

So here's a quick guide to P.B.  He likes:

(I trust he'll put appropriate links in here soon.)

And speaking of links - I'm impressed with his subtle link-humor.  Sometimes where you think you'll go isn't where you'll end up.  Clever fish.

Now, it's off to the poker tables for me.


  1. *- maybe Kind of Obscure- I remember Ben Grimm(AKA the Thing) constantly accusing Reed Richards (AKA Mister Fantastic)of using "high dollar amount words"- I think the price went up over the years with inflation- or it could be just me that gets this

  2. I needed the laugh that I got from the links for 'where you think you'll go' and 'where you'll end up'.