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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Musings on the Journey with a Pet-Companion

     A serious post this time, and not a sad one, either. Just a thought I had. When you take a pet into your life, you are embarking(no pun intended) on a trip together. And as you travel along, you each learn the others ways.

     You may find that your cat meows a little differently for water, than it does for food, or for petting. You may find that your dog looks at you skeptically when you do something silly in the house.

     I've grown older, and a little wiser, through a lot of pets- Cats, Dogs, Reptiles, Hermit Crabs, and birds. and when I've paid attention (which I haven't always done...I tend to spend a lot of time lost in my head, as my wife has pointed out) they have all taught me amazing things. Creatures which seem to be the simplest have shown amazing ingenuity and done truly amazing things. There are stories I may tell later if the mood strikes, but for now...

     Just pay attention to your pets, and watch for what they are learning from you. Pontification over


  1. Holy crap you did a serious pet post! Hold up. I have to check and see if K&C's apartment has frozen over.

  2. I'll bring my snowshoes and Ice-Fishing gear