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Friday, August 17, 2012

Turkey Vultures by Sam

It helps if you read this post first: Turkey Vultures

     I expect they'll be back.  We have a booming prairie dog population.  We have too many, actually, and they're at the point of not caring who comes near their dens.  So the food source for the Turkey Vultures is, to quote the Jurrasic Park: Lost World movie, 'A moving buffet'.

Anyways, it's not the prairie dogs that we're so worried about.  It's the people in the Federal Prison that the land of  Prairie Dog surrounds.  Poor prisoners just waiting to be picked off by buzzards.  Before y'all die laughing about it think on it.

Anyways, that's a spooky cell block entry right there:

"Vulture landed on the weight benches.  It looked at me.  I said many prayers."

Speaking of Vultures . . . 

P.B. and I were at Wal*Mart the other day.  P.B. was trying to find a parking space.  Out of the store comes this woman eating a snickers bar.  She was an old bitty who insisted on walking right down the middle of the lane.  Her entire attention was focused on that snickers bar.  It almost got her killed by a guy backing his big ass bronco out of the space.  The irony?  His entire focus was on a snickers bar he was eating.  

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  1. nothing satisfies me like an accident involving a snickers bar- new ad-campaign!

  2. Actually a truly Ironic Accident would be an accident between someone with a Chocolate Bar and someone with an open jar of Peanut Butter