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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wile E. Conure - Super Genius

     Late post tonight, was busy with Stuff all day

     Find the bird in the following Picture:

     If the location you selected was somewhere between "Happy Accident" and "Evil Genius"*, I believe you named the correct location. He ran over and jumped on the edge of the treat container, and caused Chaos, Confusion and Cleanup, the three horsemen of the Birdie Apocalypse to ride forth. And of course he helped with the cleanup by removing as many seeds from the shells as he could grab and eating them because...that's neater, right?

     Also- the glint in his eye is a combination of Madness and Wired Bird; Never a good sign. I think he is waiting on a package from Acme

(*not a mistake- Same link intentionally- I don't believe in accidents or coincidence)

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