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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chef Badgers Easy Red Sauce

    I dabble in cooking. My wife seriously more than dabbles, she's very talented. I am learning from her. One thing she says over and over(and over) is to simplify. Keep things down to a minimum of ingredients, and make every ingredient count for something. No throwaway ingredients. I made this sauce, and folks seem to have liked it.

1 can diced tomatoes (I buy the all natural, no salt added-great value brand from Walmart)
1 can tomato paste, small (great value brand again)
Salt and pepper to taste
Sugar to cut the acidity

     At this point, you can add whatever you like. Neither my wife nor I happen to like onion or garlic, so I will add olives, or peppers or mushrooms. I pre-cook Italian sausage and add it(with the juice) for even more flavor. Serve over Pasta, or (my wife's preference) Slices of zuchinni. She loves the nice thick sweet sauce this makes. Her sauces tend to be more liquid and sharper

A nice easy sauce, no need to scream at anyone

I have a pot simmering now. Sweet peppers and kalamata olives with hot Italian sausage

Huh! Spell Check on Blogger does not recognize kalamata olives. I find that odd!
Kalamata olives may just be the most delicious thing in the world.

More recipes as the mood strikes

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  1. or, it could be feta cheese. I could make an argument for that too