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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Parrotlet's Share

    The Pasta sauce turned out really well, but the shells I made were not mine...not at first.

    The Ancient Custom of Droit De Nuidle also known as Ius Primae Pastis holds sway in our house. The first share of any pasta goes to my wifes parrotlet, for approval or disdain (there is not much pasta she disdains).
     Aldo loves her some pasta. Tango wants pasta if he sees her with it, but he doesn't really eat it, just sort of carries it until he can unobtrusively drop it (Pastis Demittere in Abscondito).
     So, the sauce...Spicy, rich, full flavored. the addition of some last minute rosemary just made it even better. Happy with that meal- if you try it, let me know how your sauce goes, and make sure you give the parrotlet her share